Friday, February 29, 2008

South Town Fashion Show

I designed six outfits for a fashion show contest being hosted by The Leonardo. The rules, make it from used or discarded fabric. I designed to finally put my Love Sac to use and cut it to pieces.

Here are my six entries.

The First Nappi Commercial

Though not the best commercial, really it is horrible, but it is the first.  Todd shot it more or less goofing around and ended up spending about 48 seconds editing it.  Now you can see our fantastic final product.  One more thing, if you feel so inclined to comment, please refrain from using any four-lettered words to describe it as women and children also read this blog.

One more note, this was about 4 years ago.  Todd felt so inclined to use the magic of iMovie to cut it.  The quality really shines through. hahaha

Virgin Blogger

I'm Danny Nappi, owner and designer of nappi clothing, and I, am a virgin blogger. This would be my first blog and it feels so good. I hope you enjoy all of my future blogging experiences. Below is a short list of why I started this blog:
  • todd told me i had to
  • my website is in the works to be the greatest site on the web and therefor not ready yet
  • i felt like i needed a way to express my inner feelings... ok, not really i just wanted a third bullet point.