Wednesday, March 26, 2008

nappi fashion show

So the show at the Murray theater went well there were a lot in attendance and everyone liked the clothing. I had to do a little interview on stage after and I hate that part but I guess it went ok. Yesterday park city tv came by and did a story on me that was fun and it will air in 2 weeks. I am working on spring/ summer right now and it should be ready to hit stores in a month or two so watch for that. Todd has been nice enough to shoot some video of shows and other nappi escapades so that will be available to view shortly (thanks todd). Ummm ok cool

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The South Town show with the Leonardo was a great success there were a lot of people there and my clothing was well received. The next fashion show will be at the Murry Theater on the 22nd of March. This show will be just nappi clothing, so I excited about that. Some of the sponsors include Ford Motor Company,and Redbull. The show is being produced by Knight Star talent who will be providing the models for the show. There is more to come with this event it should be a big one I will keep you posted.