Friday, November 12, 2010

Mind Blow

The world seemed to agree and I took notice, the subtle nod of approval was all I needed to posture myself in a thankful manner. The infinite magnitude in which I was dealing would have been enough to simultaneously explode every cell in my body, but not today for I am equipped with Nappi denim. A pair of jeans so perfect that it is said to "blow the mind" which is dangerous I know so a certain amount of caution is required when wearing nappi. I often ask myself which is worse a complete and instantaneous cellular explosion or a blow of the mind, both have lasting implication. When it comes right down to it I will take a blow of the mind, and only because it is recoverable and a cellular explosion is not. A blow of the mind is also necessary in achieving infinite wisdom, when the mind is blow and recovers you attain a certain resistance to future mind blows and that is progress.