Thursday, May 6, 2010

Missed my Flight

September 23, 2008

I missed my flight!!!! The LA traffic got the best of me I missed it by 15 min. I had to book a Jet Blue Flight for $300 plus the rental car for $90 and the $400 to get out there so all in all it wasn't worth it I should have just driven. Black Chandelier is getting better my stuff is selling even with the little notes left in the pockets of the nappi jeans that read "nappi eats babies" and "nappi sucks" Ha Ha the fan fare is great. I am still going crazy, but I am getting better at dealing with it. The time before my last LA trip where I missed my flight I drove to LA from Salt Lake a 10 hour drive and got to the factory to approve some samples of the denim and they told me they needed a little bit more time, so i went to the grove again and watched 2 movies then went back picked up the samples and drove home. Just so your clear thats 10 hours there 4 hours waiting and 10 hours back, now that's a day.

Into Black Chandelier I go

Sept 15 2008

Ok so a lot has happened sense my last post, I was offered the position of "do everything guy" at Black Chandelier a local clothing company, whose designer Jared Gold recently left for bigger and better things. I walked into an empty studio where about 20 people worked on a daily basis, whose job I now had to do. I had no idea what I was in for, no money, no help and all the expectation to succeed. The last of 4 stores at the Gateway mall in Salt lake City was not doing well, it was full of old product that never sold in the past 4 years. So as the designer it was my job to fill the store with clothing, and so I got to work. Up till now they had just been putting anything and everything they could find to fill the shelves. I was able to get some simple t-shirts and dresses made in our little cut and sew facility and out on the shelves for people to buy. We had a great August it was the best month of the summer, but September is so bad so far that any acclaim I may have gotten from August is long gone. I am losing my mind with everything that's going on. From the outside everything looks great, but on the inside I am going crazy. I am trying to design for a brand that has a very loyal following, unfortunately they are loyal to Jared Gold not Danny Nappi. I try to design how Jared would have, but i don't feel I am being loyal to myself and frankly I am not doing a very good job at it, my style is very different from that of Jared Gold. As I continue to lose my mind I find myself laughing at the whole situation, but not a funny laugh it's more of a keep from crying laugh.

I am currently sitting at the Grove in LA where the fountain I am sitting by just sprayed me and it felt good. I have a bad headache and am having trouble concentrating. I am waiting for my denim samples to be finished form the factory, then I catch a flight back to Salt Lake. I flew out this morning only to fly back this afternoon. What a day.