Saturday, June 18, 2011

Know Your Body Type will be an informative discussion about body types because we all have one and you have your parents to thank for your body type, and although there is nothing you can do to change your genetics, there are things you can do
to improve your look. We here at nappi want to teach you how to identify your body type, and how to dress to flaunt your assets and achieve the best possible you! All shapes, sizes, and ages welcome.

We will help you:
identify your body type
teach you the principles of how to dress your body type
show you examples of good and bad body type dress
show you which colors you should and shouldn’t wear
face structure and how to style your hair to suit you
current and upcoming spring and summer trends

The event will be hosted by, Danny Nappi owner and designer of nappi clothing. Nichole Johnson who has a degree from FIDM will show us examples of body types and help everyone identify their own body type wether: triangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, rectangle, or balanced. Erin Olson certified stylist will show us how to dress for our body type, teaching us the principles of achieving a balanced look and colors based on skin tone. Ulysses salon will be on hand to show us which hair style best fits our face structure, and how to style our hair to improve the look of our face. Finally we will hear form Jen Clyde who is a celebrity stylist, about upcoming and current fashion trends and styles to help us as we begin to by for summer.

I decided to do this event because I see so many women not only not dressing right for their body type but getting is badly wrong. This can add 10 to 15 pounds to your appearance and highlight the wrong parts of the body. Every women needs to know this information especially as we head into summer where you can't simply hide behind a big coat.

Join us tuesday the 21st of june at 7pm at 623 S State St click on the pay now button below to sign up and we will see you there.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Lets talk about Bling and flair

I hate Bling! now before you get mad I do understand that just because it isn't my style it may be yours. The only real problem I have with bling other than I hate it is when some one wears it when it isn't conducive to their body type. Someone who is a triangle meaning the hips are wider than the bust, should not wear jeans with rhinestones, crystals, flaps, buttons, heavy stitching, or anything else that might draw unwanted attention to the butt area. A triangle body type should look to draw attention upward to the neck and face while trying to create weight on the bust and shoulders area to give a more balanced look. The bust and shoulders area is where the bling and such should be concentrated, that is if you must wear it at all.

Now let us switch gears a bit and address the problem with flair. Flair to me is are accessories, things like big earrings, flashy belts, sunglasses, scarves, bags, bright shoes, feathers in the hair, bracelets, rings, hats, and the like. Now there is only one place I can think of where wearing all these at once would fit in and that would be in a show with Paris Hilton, other than that lets cool it a bit. From a guys perspective this is a dangerous girl who wears so much flair, she would quickly categorize herself as "high maintenance" so if that is what you want then go for it. In my opinion pick one to two pieces of flair and let your personality be seen. A tee shirt and jeans kind of girl is so attractive, just simple and cute and easy to talk to. Massive amounts of flair are sensory overload and can make it look like you are trying to hide yourself behind a very flashy facade. There is nothing more appealing than a girl who has the confidence to just be herself. As for the guys this applies to you too.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Capri's are bad

I know it is warming up, but that is no reason to start wearing capri's!!!! Let me explain, There are girls out there that can wear capri's, however they are few and far between. The problem with capris is where they stop, it is on the biggest part of the calves. Just as a general rule you never want an article of clothing to stop it your bodies biggest part. If you want to wear capri's ask your self this question "are my calves the smallest part of my legs?" if not don't wear them. In my opinion there are really only three places shorts or capri's can stop and they are: short meaning upper thigh (this is dangerous so be careful), next is right below the knee cap (NOT JUST ABOVE THE KNEE CAP) I realize the cultural significance to shorts being knee length and think that just because that is the longest they can be they shouldn't be. Just below the knee is generally the smallest part of the leg just before the calves began, so end your shorts there. Also side note, get shorts that tapper because it will improve the silhouette, this is important because shorts that are baggy never look good for girls or guys. Lastly the desirable ending point is at the ankle (assuming of course that it is the smallest part of the leg, and it usually is). This is often called floods and it can be done well and it can be done badly. Some hints if you go with floods don't wear socks, or wear a short ankle boot again with no or low socks. In all these options it is important to know your body type and what things you can wear well and what you should avoid, some body types should never wear shorts, capri's, floods, tapered jeans and the like. If you don't know your body type or need more info we are holding a fashion event on the 21st of June and we will be talking in depth about body types, the do's and don'ts and current and upcoming styles, it will be very informative. click the link to reserve your spot.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Body Type seminar

On June 21st Tuesday we will be holding a seminar about body types, and how to dress that body type. As of lately I have noticed this to be a big problem with girls, and not just of girls not dressing right, but actually doing it horribly wrong.

I was at a party and I was assuming my usual position against the wall unimpressed with the whole situation, and my mind began to fixate on girls as it usually does. This time however it was different, I began to notice how most girls would look a lot better if they dressed properly. I noticed one girl in particular who had the body type of a triangle (meaning that her hip measurement is bigger than her bust and she has a small waist) and in this particular situation I would not say that her hips were by any means big. My attention was immediately drawn to her hips however, because of what she was wearing, skinny jeans that tapered at the bottom and large rhinestones on the back pocket. To top it off she was wearing a tank top that was tight at the top and was bunched up over the top of the jeans. So all in all this was the exact opposite of what she should have done when getting dressed. Lets analyze, so to start the triangle body type should never under any circumstances ever, ever, wear tapered skinny jeans, they makes your but look much bigger than it is. Second don't put shinny rhinestones on the part you want to minimize, one can't help but stare at them as I did with this girl. Thirdly because the purpose is to looked balanced wearing a tank top makes the shoulders appear smaller and consequently draws more attention to the hips, and then to bunch up the shirt creates weight in the single area you don't want weight. So what should she have done? First get a good fitting pair of dark jeans that are slightly flared or my personal favorite the straight leg, this will help slim and add balance to the figure, and the dark denim will appear smaller. Next wear something on top that is ruffled, this will add weight to the top where she needed it. If you want to wear something a bit more casual then wear a v-neck shirt or scoop neck this will help draw attention up to the face and down to the bust and not to the shoulders. The other important thing about this body type is that usually the bust is smaller so a good fitting bra will do wonders to improve the over all figure. A cardigan is great also to add weight to the top and balance out the figure. A couple things to keep in mind don't let the cardigan or shirts stop at the widest part of the hips, you never want something to stop at its widest part that goes for sleeves, shorts, caprice, shirts, coats, and the like.

For more info on the body types attend our seminar we will be going over all the types and help you identify which type you are, and how to dress for it. We will also have hair stylists from Ulysses to talk about face structure and which hair style is best for you. It will be a very informative seminar that 90% of women need.

To reserve your spot click on the link and pay the $20 and we will see you there. You can come day of but the price will be $30 and we are capping the number of attendees at 150 people so it would be advantageous to pay the fee and get your name in early.


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