Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Capri's are bad

I know it is warming up, but that is no reason to start wearing capri's!!!! Let me explain, There are girls out there that can wear capri's, however they are few and far between. The problem with capris is where they stop, it is on the biggest part of the calves. Just as a general rule you never want an article of clothing to stop it your bodies biggest part. If you want to wear capri's ask your self this question "are my calves the smallest part of my legs?" if not don't wear them. In my opinion there are really only three places shorts or capri's can stop and they are: short meaning upper thigh (this is dangerous so be careful), next is right below the knee cap (NOT JUST ABOVE THE KNEE CAP) I realize the cultural significance to shorts being knee length and think that just because that is the longest they can be they shouldn't be. Just below the knee is generally the smallest part of the leg just before the calves began, so end your shorts there. Also side note, get shorts that tapper because it will improve the silhouette, this is important because shorts that are baggy never look good for girls or guys. Lastly the desirable ending point is at the ankle (assuming of course that it is the smallest part of the leg, and it usually is). This is often called floods and it can be done well and it can be done badly. Some hints if you go with floods don't wear socks, or wear a short ankle boot again with no or low socks. In all these options it is important to know your body type and what things you can wear well and what you should avoid, some body types should never wear shorts, capri's, floods, tapered jeans and the like. If you don't know your body type or need more info we are holding a fashion event on the 21st of June and we will be talking in depth about body types, the do's and don'ts and current and upcoming styles, it will be very informative. click the link to reserve your spot.

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