Monday, June 13, 2011

Lets talk about Bling and flair

I hate Bling! now before you get mad I do understand that just because it isn't my style it may be yours. The only real problem I have with bling other than I hate it is when some one wears it when it isn't conducive to their body type. Someone who is a triangle meaning the hips are wider than the bust, should not wear jeans with rhinestones, crystals, flaps, buttons, heavy stitching, or anything else that might draw unwanted attention to the butt area. A triangle body type should look to draw attention upward to the neck and face while trying to create weight on the bust and shoulders area to give a more balanced look. The bust and shoulders area is where the bling and such should be concentrated, that is if you must wear it at all.

Now let us switch gears a bit and address the problem with flair. Flair to me is are accessories, things like big earrings, flashy belts, sunglasses, scarves, bags, bright shoes, feathers in the hair, bracelets, rings, hats, and the like. Now there is only one place I can think of where wearing all these at once would fit in and that would be in a show with Paris Hilton, other than that lets cool it a bit. From a guys perspective this is a dangerous girl who wears so much flair, she would quickly categorize herself as "high maintenance" so if that is what you want then go for it. In my opinion pick one to two pieces of flair and let your personality be seen. A tee shirt and jeans kind of girl is so attractive, just simple and cute and easy to talk to. Massive amounts of flair are sensory overload and can make it look like you are trying to hide yourself behind a very flashy facade. There is nothing more appealing than a girl who has the confidence to just be herself. As for the guys this applies to you too.

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