Friday, September 24, 2010

I get asked all the time "what is nappi" and I have always struggled to provide the answer, I say things like "I am the personification of nappi", but really what does that even mean. For this reason I have been putting a lot of thought into "what is nappi", and this is what I have come up with so far. Nappi is a unique brand for the person who wants to be unique without standing out, Nappi blushes when all eyes are on it, or can stand confident when placed on the spot, but with ether case nappi is sure of it's function and able to perform it without hesitation. Nappi is intellectual and calculated like a renaissance man or woman who excels in many different fields of understanding. Nappi is instantly loved upon meeting and forgotten just as fast. It is this idea of being forgotten that really sets nappi apart. It is the idea that Nappi doesn't make the wearer cool, the wearer is cool and so it wears nappi. Being loved instantly is about how you look on the outside an area that nappi has covered, but being forgotten is key because upon leaving it is the personality of the wearer that is remembered not what they were wearing. That is why nappi seeks out the leader of leaders the one who is educated, calculated, confident, an intellectual, and one who doesn't look to other to justify ones status or appearance. Nappi can handle any situation with poise, composure, and confidence. Never looks to make a fool in front, but leads the leader from the back. So with all that said ask yourself, are you nappi, because I am.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A moment to reflect

It's hard to see how far you have come when you are so deep in the day to day. I have been doing this clothing business for about 6 years now and have build quite a brand. I get so overwhelmed with what I am doing and with where I want to be that I forget to just enjoy the moment. So if I look at what I have it looks like this: Nappi clothing a successful clothing brand that has been at the forefront of fashion in Utah. We have created jeans that will stand up to any jean in the world with respect to fit, quality, style, and fashion. We have been to LA Fashion Week, been featured in Womens Wear Daily, Been on every news outlet in Utah T.V. and print, Featured in the hit MTV show "The Hard Times of R.J. Berger", and Celebrity gifting lounge during Sundance Film Festival, just to name a few. Not to mention all the celebrities and bands that wear nappi and love it. Facade Boutique a clothing store offering such brands as Nappi, Wild Fox, Free People, Current Elliott, and many more. Offside Apparel and Print, where we screen print for businesses, clothing companies, and individuals. All these businesses are successful and performing well, and while I am a long ways away from where I will be I am happy to be where I am. I also teach a class on Production and product development right now at the Salt Lake Community College Fashion Institute and am having a blast doing that. I think the most important thing one can do is what one is doing right now. And right now I am enjoying life. So thanks for all the support from all of you, with your help we will get all the way to the top.