Saturday, June 18, 2011

Know Your Body Type will be an informative discussion about body types because we all have one and you have your parents to thank for your body type, and although there is nothing you can do to change your genetics, there are things you can do
to improve your look. We here at nappi want to teach you how to identify your body type, and how to dress to flaunt your assets and achieve the best possible you! All shapes, sizes, and ages welcome.

We will help you:
identify your body type
teach you the principles of how to dress your body type
show you examples of good and bad body type dress
show you which colors you should and shouldn’t wear
face structure and how to style your hair to suit you
current and upcoming spring and summer trends

The event will be hosted by, Danny Nappi owner and designer of nappi clothing. Nichole Johnson who has a degree from FIDM will show us examples of body types and help everyone identify their own body type wether: triangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, rectangle, or balanced. Erin Olson certified stylist will show us how to dress for our body type, teaching us the principles of achieving a balanced look and colors based on skin tone. Ulysses salon will be on hand to show us which hair style best fits our face structure, and how to style our hair to improve the look of our face. Finally we will hear form Jen Clyde who is a celebrity stylist, about upcoming and current fashion trends and styles to help us as we begin to by for summer.

I decided to do this event because I see so many women not only not dressing right for their body type but getting is badly wrong. This can add 10 to 15 pounds to your appearance and highlight the wrong parts of the body. Every women needs to know this information especially as we head into summer where you can't simply hide behind a big coat.

Join us tuesday the 21st of june at 7pm at 623 S State St click on the pay now button below to sign up and we will see you there.

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