Thursday, May 6, 2010

Into Black Chandelier I go

Sept 15 2008

Ok so a lot has happened sense my last post, I was offered the position of "do everything guy" at Black Chandelier a local clothing company, whose designer Jared Gold recently left for bigger and better things. I walked into an empty studio where about 20 people worked on a daily basis, whose job I now had to do. I had no idea what I was in for, no money, no help and all the expectation to succeed. The last of 4 stores at the Gateway mall in Salt lake City was not doing well, it was full of old product that never sold in the past 4 years. So as the designer it was my job to fill the store with clothing, and so I got to work. Up till now they had just been putting anything and everything they could find to fill the shelves. I was able to get some simple t-shirts and dresses made in our little cut and sew facility and out on the shelves for people to buy. We had a great August it was the best month of the summer, but September is so bad so far that any acclaim I may have gotten from August is long gone. I am losing my mind with everything that's going on. From the outside everything looks great, but on the inside I am going crazy. I am trying to design for a brand that has a very loyal following, unfortunately they are loyal to Jared Gold not Danny Nappi. I try to design how Jared would have, but i don't feel I am being loyal to myself and frankly I am not doing a very good job at it, my style is very different from that of Jared Gold. As I continue to lose my mind I find myself laughing at the whole situation, but not a funny laugh it's more of a keep from crying laugh.

I am currently sitting at the Grove in LA where the fountain I am sitting by just sprayed me and it felt good. I have a bad headache and am having trouble concentrating. I am waiting for my denim samples to be finished form the factory, then I catch a flight back to Salt Lake. I flew out this morning only to fly back this afternoon. What a day.

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