Thursday, August 26, 2010

Feb 17, 2009

This is a journal post from Feb 17, 2009 during a particularly difficult time.

I sit here at the DMV waiting for Steven to get his registration current so he can get his car out of impound. I am scheduled to go to LA today and drop off the money for the LA Fashion Week runway show which is costing me $5,000. I had the money for the show coming from a guy named Russell but that just fell through.

Sundance Film Festival is now over and what a crazy time that was. I sponsored, promoted and threw a party at a huge mansion during the single largest annual event in Utah. The party was a huge success a lot of people came and had a blast. We gave away hundreds of scarves and had a big runway show. I also did the GBK celebrity gifting lounge where I met and introduced a lot of celebrities to Nappi, I gave away scarves and jeans, they all seamed very appreciative. I also hooked up the David Archuleta Band with nappi clothing they all loved it, I hope David and the band wear it on stage.

I sent out a text to friends who have the money to invest I am desperate at this point I have committed to do the show at this point and am supposed to be on my way to LA to sign the contract and pay the money. Jeff one the initial investors wrote back unable to work it out. So if it doesn't happen then it wasn't meant to be, it seams like a great opportunity, but maybe the time just isn't right.

Feb 18, 2009

So the day ended and I didn't find the money however after getting Steven taken care of at the DMV I went home and prayed I asked if I should just forget about the show and not do it, but I didn't feel good about that route so I laid on my bed to ponder. 30 Minutes later I thought I could probably pull together $1000 for a deposit and get the rest later. I presented that to the Lord and felt good about that like it will all work out so I jumped up and grabbed the $700 in cash I had in my drawer and ran to the bank. With 5 minutes to spare I deposited the funds into the bank, faxed the contract to LA and hit the road. I asked for 2 weeks to deliver the remaining $4000 which I have no idea where that is going to come from. I'm not to worried about the $4K or the $5K i need to produce the clothing that will be featured in the show, the lord said go so I'm going. While in LA i met with the producers of the Fashion Show and dropped of scarves to GBK to be handed out to all the celebrities at the Oscars.

Feb 25,2009

It's raining outside I can hear it hitting the roof and the window. The sound is calming to me, I have always like the rain. So I still don't have the money I need to produce the show I met with a friend of mine and he gave me false hope, because in the end he said he couldn't do it. I did however have lunch with Brooke and she seemed excited to help. I met with her and Darin her husband late last night to discuss the $15,000 I needed, and at the end of the meeting Darin asked "so where do we go from here" I said "why don't you guys talk it over and call me tomorrow." It was agreed and I left. I was expecting a call today telling me they had a check and where to meet. Brooke texted me and asked if I had time for a conference call with her and Darin I said yes and here I wait for the news. I hope they come through this is my last hope my factory calls me all day wanting to know if I have the 40% to put down so production can begin. The scary thing is production on the samples has already begun I promised I would have the money because we don't have time to wait. Also 2 days ago I was featured on KSL Channel 5 news Amanda Buterfield came by the studio with a camera man and did a story about me going to LA Fashion Week which I still don't have the money to do. Some might think it is crazy to get this far in and cut it this close, but when you trust in the Lord you have to go with it. I hate seeing myself on TV but I think it went good.

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