Friday, August 13, 2010

The Dark Place

I have sat down on a number of occasions and watched a movie that by all standards i shouldn't have watched, such movies like "Requiem Dream", "Hostel", and Saw. At the end of these movie I reflected back with amazement at the fact that I actually sat through them and became a worse person for doing so. I recently watched "The Book of Eli" and while not a bad movie, but rather a great one I had a similar feeling after having watched it and after some refection on my feelings I wrote this poem.

"I was in a dark dark place very very far from home, a place not even the good spirit dare roam. A place where I was not alone for despite the darkness a path lit home. A path that I journeyed that day in the dark and not two steps in I came to the start. The place I began so long ago and on to the light light place I go."

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