Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sunday May 1, 2010 project runway

A few weeks ago a friend called and told me that Project Runway call and got a hold of him and asked who the players were in Salt Lake fashion. He told them I was the guy to know, and gave them my contact info. I then received and email from Project Runway inviting me to apply and so I did. I filled out the 20 page questionnaire and the 3 minute video as well as some pictures of my clothing. I didn't put to much effort or thought into it, I wasn't sure I even wanted to do it. Despite my hesitation I mailed it in and forgot about it. About a week later I began getting a call from a strange number and like all strange numbers I avoided it. I avoided it twice till I got an email from the show telling me that they have been trying to get a hold of me and to please call!!! I called and the producer on the other line informed me that I made it to the semi-finals of season 8 Casting.

Sunday May 2, 2010

I drove to Seattle yesterday straight through a 12 hour trip. It was a cool drive I have never seen this part of the country. I arrived late last night with the perfectly sewn pieces to show the judges. This morning I walked around downtown Seattle and down to the dock for breakfast which is where I am right now at Ivar's Restaurant, I am heading back to the Hotel my interview is at 3:15pm. On the way back to the hotel I thought a lot about the show and how I didn't really feel like I fit with what they do, I don't do cocktail dresses I do denim and they seem to focus mostly on evening wear. I felt I had to a least see what happened, but I was going to be totally honest with them about my skills and abilities, I don't want to be on the show if I was going to get kicked off in the beginning I would rather not do than be a fashion looser.

I made my way to the hotel where they were holding the auditions and found the room where a hand full of designers were sitting with their clothing and filling out paperwork. I checked in and sat down and began filling out the paperwork myself all the while secretly checking out what all the other designers had in their collection. I wasn't to impressed with what I saw although I did see a lot of evening dresses. They told me I was next and I waited in anticipation they don't tell you anything about what to expect just to look for the tape and stand on it and face the judges. I stood out of the door with a guy with an ear piece who was communicating with the producers on the inside. He commented on my clothing as he Briefly looked through them and said how much he liked my denim and them asked if the jeans I was wearing were Nappi and told him yes and he had me turn around to see the back and asked where he could get a pair, just then he talks to his radio and "ok here we go" he grabed the door handle and said "here is Danny Nappi" he pulled the door open to reveal a room full of people and cameras. My heart began to race I walked through and felt my heart stop as I noticed Tim Gunn sitting at the table. I wasn't prepared for that. They had me introduce myself and talk a little bit about me as a designer. Then Tim asked me "why project Runway why now" I told him I hadn't ever planned on trying out of the show because I didn't have much experience with cocktail dresses and evening wear, and that I didn't want to do the show if I wasn't going to win because I didn't want to be a fashion looser. He seemed a little taken back by this, but agreed. We talked a bit more and Tim said my denim looked great and my line was a lot like diesel and very strong, but they were looking for more evening dresses, but that being said that I was a strong maybe. I thanked them and left the room and went back to my hotel room. I the end I wasn't selected, but was happy with how it all went it really wasn't for me if I would have had one cocktail dress I would have gotten on, but that is the scary part because you don't hear about the designers who don't win and I just don't want to take that kind of risk. The next morning I drove home 12 straight hours.

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